Am I asking for too much!? Does it perhaps look as if  I'm longing for another life?

I must admit. I want more. 

I always used to think: If only I had this or that, or when the children are older I would do this and that. If I could only loose this bit of extra weight I would... Or I wish my husband would decide to go and plant coffee in Zambia..... then I would be happy. . .

I wish, I wish. . .

then I would be happy...


The truth: If I had to wait for all these things to come true, then I might be waiting for a very, very long time. And if my happiness is going to be dependant on these things, will I ever be happy!?

So where will I find happiness?

Right here where I am, right now. 
Not in tomorrow, or yesterday, but here and now, in this moment.
Because that is all we have. 
We are not guaranteed another day.
Yesterday is gone.

So wake up for now - this is that moment!


Switch off the computer lap top cellphone go outside hug a child forgive kiss your huband!


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