Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First aid with corn flour aka Maizina.

*This post is not for the fainthearted...

This mommy's nightmare came true. A while ago my neighbor ran into my kitchen holding a crying Anika and there was blood everywhere... it was her face! My pretty girl's face had a laceration just underneath her left eye.

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At first glance I knew she was going to need stitches, but this was my fearful and easily frightened child. Taking her to an ER and having a strange doctor poking and injecting local anesthesia or even general anesthesia was not an option for me at that moment. Home remedy... yes that was what I opted for. I have been trusting the alternative way of healthcare and Jesus as our Healer for so long, why not now also?

I knew that corn flour, also known here in South Africa as Maizina, can stop bleeding and I always have some of it in my first aid kit. So I applied a whole lot of maizina straight unto the wound to stop the bleeding.

I applied some upward pressure to make sure the wound closes up nicely but praying all the while because I didn't know what the heck I was doing! On the advise of our natural health care guru I gave Anika 5 or maybe 10mls brandewyn in a little bit of sugar water which calmed her beautifully as you can see in the pictures...

Then the waiting and healing and trusting and praying started... This was my pretty girl's face. I did apply sterristrip plasters to keep everything together but kept the wound closed for 10 days, only applying some colloidal silver and a bit of Bactroban ointment daily.

And then... after ten days..

..and some more...

All the glory to Jesus our King and Healer!

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  1. O, dat was heel erg schrikken maar wat is het mooi genezen! Nooit geweten dat Maizena zo'n praktische eerste hulp kon zijn. Dank je wel voor de tip. Groetjes: Aritha


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