Saturday, December 13, 2014

Femininity and the Bible - part 5

"Of beauty vain, of virtue void,
What art thou in the sight of God?
A slave to every base desire,
A creature wallowing in the mire.
Go, gaudy pageant of a day, 
Thy folly, with thy face display:
Set all thy charms and graces out,
And shew - the Jewel in thy snout!"
- John Wesley 1766
(his commentary on Proverbs 11:22)

"Of beauty vain (worthless, full of deceit), of virtue (moral excellence, any admirable quality, chastity) void (empty, a vacuum),
A slave to every base ( low in morality, low in honour, worthless) desire,
A creature wallowing (rolling about in mud, to indulge oneself in emotion) in the mire (wet swampy ground, disadvantageous of difficult condition/situation, state of distress, predicament).
Go, gaudy (excessively ornamented, tastelessly bright) pageant (parade, show) of a day,
Thy folly (lack of sense, foolish act), with thy face display:
Set all thy charms (magic formulas, trinkets or bracelets) and graces (short prayers, expressions, movements) out,
And shew (show) - the Jewel in thy snout!"

Jou skoonheid verniet, jou deugde nul,
Wat is jy voor die aangesig van God?
'n Slaaf na elke lae hunkering,
'n Wese wat speel op glibberige grond.
Voorwaarts, modeparade vir 'n dag,
Jou onkunde op jou gesig vertoon:
Haal al jou sjarme en maniertjies uit,
Aanskou - die Juweel in jou snuit!


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