Wednesday, June 19, 2013

At long last a diet that works!

I can honestly say that I have tried all the diets that there is out there! I did them all! From juicing everything to weighing everything and if I remember correctly I told the whole story here.

At the beginning of this year two sisters published a book that they have been working on for five years. I knew about this book and the diet, but seemed to forget about it. Three weeks ago I walked into my favourite health store and there it was on the shelf! Trim Healthy Mama!

The book is almost as thick as my Bible, and lately its been going everywhere with my Bible! Its a book that is making sense out of all the information out there and for the fist time in my life I am understanding the relationship between blood sugar and insulin and the way it works! Finally a book that makes sense and a diet that is based on a simple principle!

The best part of this book, is chapter six! Back to God's word! Back to Biblical principles! I have tried to follow the blood group diet for years! Where has it gotten me? Nowhere! I have always felt that eating that way, is denying scripture. The blood group diet, although it works for many people, is based on evolution. And that is against the Bible. Whether it works or not, eating like that becomes a religion in itself and it is a religion against the God that created us in the first place and that said: Thou shalt eat!

And the good news: I've been on THM for two and a half weeks now and I've lost 3,3 kilograms! (thats 7,26 pounds!) 



  1. Wat goed! het is in het Engels geschreven, denk ik?

    Nou, ik vind het fijn als je af en toe hierover schrijft. Ik ben ook bezig met gewicht te verliezen :-)

  2. Ja dit is in Engels geskryf! Baie goeie boek met heerlike resepte in! Hier is die Facebook page:


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