Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two things that a teen daughter might need - or any daughter for that matter...

My oldest daughter just turned fourteen. Our relationship has had its ups and downs. I never had a close relationship with my own mother, so I really struggle in this area. She is all grown up in some ways, and in another she is still just my little girl.

Last night, after a day that I just felt like one big failure, I decided to read a few pages from a book that has been lying next to my bed for ages. The diary of Anne Frank.

And there Anne, about my daughter's age, spills her heart. She also struggles with her relationship with her mother - I'm not sure how and why - but here she writes in her diary the two things that she craves from her "Mumsie":

  1. She wishes so that her mother would greet her with a friendly smile in the morning, and not some negative remark or grumbling of sorts.
  2. She longs for her mother to just listen to what she has to say and take her thoughts seriously.
Wow... That's not too much to ask for.

Isn't this what any daughter would ask of her mother? At least?

Let us cherish our daughters: Give her a big hug in the morning, or at least a big smile with some positive words.
Stop what we are busy doing and pay attention to what she is really trying to say, and listen...

This is two easy things to remember: 


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