Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our holiday...

We went camping with friends at Agulhas, situated almost at the southernmost tip of Africa. It has been the first time we went camping without the luxury of having electricity at our camp site.

But the beautiful view made up for all the discomforts of being without a fridge and kettle!

After a couple of days, we had to make a decision to move or stay: There was an open stand in Struisbaai with electricity. Joe and I went for a quick spy and without much ado decided to pack everything up and make the move to the best camping spot ever!

Our stand was right on the beach!

We went to the tip of Africa... 

Ilze, Anika, Micah, Emma, Liza and me...

Visited the old lighthouse.

And this gate, you'll be seeing again... I took pictures of it, almost every day...

We also experienced how the wind can blow a wave backwards!

But most of our days where absolutely beautiful!

Isn't this just the best camp site ever!?

I think I fell in love with this place - Struisbaai


  1. Dit lyk absoluut hemels en dit was seker vir die kinders 'n fees om vir pappa 24/7 by hulle te he! So bly julle kon hierdie ruskansie he!

    1. Dit was my eerste besoek aan Struisbaai... die mooiste plekkie. Nou vertsaan ek waaroor almal altyd gepraat het!

  2. Wow, wat een mooie plek om te zijn! Ik vind de kleur van jouw zee zo mooi. Heel anders dan onze Noordzee, die is een beetje flessengroen maar de zee op jouw foto is veel blauwer! Volgens mij zijn jullie lekker bruin geworden en hebben jullie echt genoten. Hebben jullie veel vuurtorens? Ik vind deze heel mooi. Lieve Hollandse groetjes. Hier vriest het, brrr ... zo koud!

  3. Then I have good news for you: I've got some more pictures of our beautiful sea...


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