Saturday, January 19, 2013

A thought on happiness and hurting...

“Mama,' I said as I set the tray on the bed and sat down beside it, 'can't we do something for Tante Bep? I mean, isn't it sad that she has to spend her last days here where she hates it, instead of where she was happy? The Wallers' or someplace?'

'Corrie, Bep has been just as happy here with us--no more and no less--than she was anywhere else. Do you know when she started praising the Wallers so highly? The day she left them. As long as she was there, she had nothing but complaints. The Wallers couldn't compare with the van Hooks where she'd been before. But at the van Hooks, she'd actually been miserable. Happiness isn't something that depends on our surroundings, Corrie. It's something we make inside ourselves.” 

― Corrie ten BoomThe Hiding Place

That's just it.

If happiness is something we make inside ourselves, then sadness and hurting might just also be something we make inside ourselves?



  1. I think that happiness is different to joy. Happiness is dependant on our circumstances but real joy is only to be found in God through the saving work of Jesus Christ. You can be unhappy about things in your life, while having the real joy of God, because we are human and fallible. We do need the love and acceptance of other like minded people to help us and encourage us in our Christian walk. We are supposed to get that from our Christian brothers and sisters in a local congregation and that is the unity we, as the church of God, should have, so that the world can see that we belong to Him. We can not be strong and steadfast on our own

  2. Thank you my friend. Joy is always possible, even when we do sometimes feel unhappy. But I am slowly starting to realize that the unhappiness I feel might just be ... I don't know what the right word for it is, even in Afrikaans... an unwillingness to compromise on what I believe and stand for, and not wanting to settle for anything less than living in obedience to God and His Word!


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