Monday, December 17, 2012

To tree or not...

For years we didn't have a Christmas tree.
For years we tried hard not to celebrate Christmas.
We still did the gift thing, but without the man in the red suit.

We tried to celebrate Jesus without the tree and the lights and glitz and the whole festivity thing of the world, but with little children fascinated by lights and shiny objects hanging from trees everywhere in all the shops and even in church, we started to rethink our thinking.

After watching this musical performed at our church, I realized that we have a good reason to celebrate.

Last year we had a tree again, all because we started to do the Jesse Tree Journey by Ann Voskamp. 

And how the little ones and even the older children enjoyed the lights and the decorations!

So this year, we are having a tree again.

As Christians we can get so caught up in the small nitty gritty of having a tree or whether or not it is an idol (Jeremiah 10:3-5) and this is wrong and that is so and this is not.

I've been there. I know. I cleaned out our house of all possible idols and threw out all but the one eyed monster!

But there was a night, long ago, that angels sang in heaven and if we were there that night, we would have been able to see and hear and it would surely have taken our breath away! How can we not celebrate the birth of this Child. Or sing a song of praise?

How do you celebrate this time of year?


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