Saturday, December 22, 2012

New neighbours and naming 2013?

Oh boy! We have new neighbours. They moved in yesterday.

Last night we became aware that they also have a dog.

The whole night we were aware that they have a dog.

Poor thing. Probably very frightened, in a new home, new sounds and new smells. The house was previously the home to three other dogs. So the poor little thing could probably smell them all over but couldn't quite find them.

At 23h20, I got up and out and down the street. Not counting any gifts at that moment. When I got to their front gate, they removed the door bell. Who does that? Who removes a doorbell??

Grace. I turned around and went back. It was silent. For an hour or so.

This morning it was all quiet. Little one probably catching up on some lost sleep.

Boy oh boy. This is my weak spot. A barking dog.

#55 Thank You Lord for a barking dog the whole night, thanks that he is quietly resting this morning, oh and a BIG thanks that my husband wasn't here last night and I know that tonight the little one will be all quiet and well behaved. 

#56 Thank You for new neighbours (to love)

#57 and thanks that the children slept soundly through it all.

And here's a question for you: Have you ever named a year? Like naming a new baby. 2012 was the year of doing hard things and dreaming bigger dreams.

What will you name 2013? The year of ...

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