Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The best day in a mother's life is when...

She woke up with this big question in her heart: "Where is Jesus Mommy?" He is here and He is everywhere and He is in your heart just didn't seem to satisfy this little inquiring mind. When she asked the same question again later in the day I realized that the answer "Jesus is in your heart" is in fact a lie, because Jesus isn't just in someones heart. He can only be there where He is invited and welcomed.

So when she asked again, I very softly asked her if she wanted Jesus in her heart and she replied with a very excited "Yes Mommy!" I asked her again and she seemed very sure of her answer, so we prayed a very simple prayer together.

In my heart I wondered if she is not too young for such a big decision, but then, who am I to decide the age for a conversion???

This morning when I asked her, she answered with much assurance: "Jesus is in my heart Mommy!" as if to say "how could you not know?!"

The best day in my life!
(one of them...)

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