Thursday, September 27, 2012

One small act of giving

My stats have gone way down.

I've missed a Tuesday.

I've missed a picture story.

But we did experience something exceptionally amazing today.

See, we've got this thing... I don't know anybody that does this, but we do... We help everybody that knocks on our door. Crazy! I know. Nobody in their right mind does that. Sometimes I want to scream because my door bell can ring at the most impossible and inconvenient times. Almost always. But that's besides the point.

Today, my door bell rings and I see a familiar face at the gate. I answer the remote phone and the only request is for taxi fare. So as usual, I send the little ones with one older child to the gate with taxi money and then the unthinkable happens: the young man at the gate hands each of my children a soft toy, followed by an old doll with missing hair, some doll's clothing and a couple of frizzy haired Barbie dolls. My children are ecstatic with joy! Thanks are being given and I stand amazed.

Amazed that even when we have nothing, we can still bless. The smallest gesture of giving can mean the world of difference in someone else's life. And today, we are the ones on the receiving end. The smallest gift can mean so much.

And this, this is why I will continue to give. No matter how small, or insignificant it might seem. One small act of giving can change a life.

Lets live generously

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