Friday, September 14, 2012

About that Chick Flick, the Romantic novel and the Glossy Magazine

Can there possibly be anything wrong with watching a good chick flick or snug up to a beautiful romantic novel, or just page through that woman's magazine? I can feel myself stepping out of line here, but sometimes we have to step up, stand up and speak out.

I'll attempt to put my thoughts into words...

I have always loved a good, what we call a 'girlie movie' or the 'chick flick'. Since my older daughter has come of age, i.e. over the age of 13, she started watching these movies with me. Suddenly I've found myself questioning the content of these films. Can watching a lovely romantic film like Pride and Prejudice be setting our own relationships up for disaster? Most men won't match up to Mr. Darcy - except my own husband of cause! We all know real life is nothing like the movies! Are we slowly poisoning these innocent minds with so-called romantic fiction?

Nancy Wilson gives it to us straight: "A steady diet of romantic novels and films can have a devastating effect on the home. Woman can begin to look to their books for fulfillment instead of to their husbands. They can view their husbands as falling far short of the romantic ideal. This can lead over time to the desire to find a new, "satisfying" relationship where someone will sweep her off her feet and carry her away to a world where there are no responsibilities, only passion." 

The same goes for the woman's magazines: These are filled with liberal and feministic viewpoints, drawing women away from their families, glamourising working away from home, causing us to be discontent with our bodies, our homes, our children and even our husbands. Even the latest magazines on "good homekeeping" are just about me, myself, my life and what I need and want.

Nothing about good housekeeping in there for me!


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