Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Hunt for Snow... and found another beautiful...

I said, "Lets be adventurous, and go snow hunting..."
He said,"You didn't check the weather did you?"

"But they said there will be snow..."

Just after this moment, out of the blue, 
he says: "You are so much better than when I found you..."

I ask "In what way?"
"You laugh more.
A lot more.
You didn't laugh a lot when I got you."

Can you take a picture of happiness?

Capture a moment of joy?

Here: Happy.

Joyfully happy!

With love

#2491 impulsive decision to go look for snow
#2493 he says I laugh more
#2494 laughing together
#2495 green, brown and grey
#2496 purple, green and yellow
#2497 the sun shining through the clouds, always spectacular!
#2498 rain
#2499 new wipers, I bought them just two days ago!
#2500 Wimpy lunch @ Ceres
#2501 found no snow

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