Friday, August 31, 2012

Stop signs on the road to health.

Most of my friends and family knows by now that we've ditched the General Practioner...

But first, watch this little allegorical clip:

I wish I could tell you my whole journey from the "Town of Allopath" to where I am today. (You know how I hate long stories, I like to keep my posts short.) It has been more than four years since any one of my family members have seen a Medical Doctor, except for our trip to the hospital when my little ones got the rota virus.

So what stops signs did I put up in my Avocado life?
  1. I got a good (KDF tipe) water filter some seven years ago and have never looked back. Do not think for one moment that our tap water is safe. Would you give tap water to a baby to drink? 
  2. I unplugged the electrical cord of my microwave oven, and gave it away after a couple of months. Go here for more information. I have survived the last five years and three babies without one!
  3. I switched from table salt to Himalayan Crystal salt. It has made a dramatic improvement in my husband's blood pressure.
  4. I started doing some label reading, did the googling and educated myself. Here is a good place to start.
  5. There are wonderful natural remedies out there, including the miracle of tissue salts.
  6. Home cooked food is best, and is in fact cheaper than fast food. 
  7. I avoid the foods that God told us to avoid in the first place. Science is starting to prove that these foods are actually not healthy. Read more here.
  8. I can not preach what I don't practise, but we should all be avoiding sugar and wheat.
  9. I try to get some exercise and good sunlight every day. 
  10. I am accepting responsibility for my own health and that of my husband and children. I am the one feeding them on a daily basis and if they are unhealthy and suffering from food allergies, then I should be the one to blame. Not? Who else is going to take responsibility for their health?

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