Monday, August 27, 2012

Should our children do chores?

Shouldn't we just let them be children? Why should children help around the house to make a mother's burden lighter?

What if the little hands make a bigger mess in the end? That won't help an already busy mother one single bit!

Maybe they should at least feed and learn to take care of their own pets?

But what if they can't do what we expect them to do?

Oh dear and what if they actually loved helping out?

Should we let the small child learn basic cooking skills?

Or at least develop and interest in helping in the kitchen...

I think I have a good answer to all these questions: If your son brought home the love of his life one day, what would you as a future mother-in-law expect of this young lady? Would you prefer the girl who sits around and waits for someone to wait on her; or the girl who confidently walks into your kitchen and knows how to be a real help? Home schooled or not!

Oh and for the mother of boys... My daughter would love for you to train your boys well to not be lazy couch potatoes one day. Help them to help out. Teach them how important it is to help around the house. A mother sometimes gets sick and then what? Teach your children well mother, society will thank you!

Easy tasks that little people can learn from a very early age:

  • Make his/her own bed in the morning.
  • Put their dirty clothes in the laundry,
  • and tidy up the bathroom after bath time.
  • Pick up toys.
  • Sorting socks and underwear.
  • Help to set the dinner table.
  • Make their own sandwiches.
  • Grate the cheese.
  • Make a salad.
Remember to be patient, always supervise, be consistent in training, keep it fun, never "pay" them to do chores and never give a chore as punishment. Ever!

Always praise every little effort and don't expect perfection.

Happy training

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