Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One small act of humility, can change a generation!

There is a scene in this movie where a guy tries to hide the fact that he just had a pull (a draw) on a cigarette, trying hard not to breathe, and hide, but then having to speak and unexpectedly the smoke just erupted from his mouth. I went into a screaming fit of laughter as I remembered the same thing happening to me when I was younger and still smoking (often secretly)! Trying to swallow down smoke and forgetting cigarette smoke can't be swallowed but instead explodes from you mouth when you try to speak. Hilarious memories it brought back.

But it also brought back memories of stubbornness. Stubbornness to forgive. Rightfulness to hold on to an injustice done, when all I had to do all along was just humble myself, be the least, and do the least. Do that one little act of kindness. Even the least, can be just enough, to bring peace.

Can we wash our hands and our feet in the presence of our God and still hold on to a rotten stubbornness in our hearts?

What is the price of peace and forgiveness? Can we put a price tag on peace? What is the littlest thing you need to do today? The smallest act of humbleness? A smile? Eye contact? A hug? A phone call? One step forward? And what is the price of that small thing?

The littlest thing, the least, can be just enough

All that is needed.


When we count grace, receive grace everyday, should we not also give that grace?

(A must see movie!)

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