Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fast chicken facts, not mentioned in any textbook...

Two days old 
  • Chickens make people forget about time. I can sit and watch them and completely forget what I was busy with.
  • Every chicken, ours anyway, has its own personality and character. 
  • They either love being touched and handled, or not!
  • Chickens are NEVER quiet! They chatter and communicate with each other the whole time. When one gets separated from the rest, the lonely chick will make an uproarious cackle and call for help.
  • The only time that they are quiet, is at night when they sleep. 
  • Chickens sleep with their eyes closed and their heads flat on the ground. Extremely funny! 
One week old chicks.

Six weeks.
  • Chickens eat constantly, and grow at an enormous rate!
  • They have warm, soft feet!
  • Their curiosity will probably get them in trouble...
My constant companion... 
The farmer warned me. He told me that chickens have no respect for your front porch... and he was right!

But I adore them!

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