Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coughing season!

When you walk into my kitchen, and the first thing you notice is tiny colourful bottles everywhere, you can be sure that I am fighting the bad bug fight! This time it's the flu, and this year we've got a mean virus reaping havoc in Cape Town.

Two weeks ago my husband had a bit of a dry cough, and because he wasn't feeling sick, I didn't take much notice and didn't make a fuss. Then last week when he came home from work early, he was suddenly very sick. I have left a slight cough, a warning signal, untreated for a bit too long...

Over the last couple of years, I have learnt that the sooner you start treating disease, the quicker you get results and the sooner you get well again. The only way to do this, is it to be able to treat yourself and not be dependant on a professional person to prescribe medication after you have waited it out for too long... No one wants to run to the doctor for a slight cough or a tingle at the back of your throat when you wake up in the morning. You might be labelled as a hypochondriac!

Firstly you need to get over the need to give a disease a "name". I think that once we've named something, we give it acknowledgement - permission "to be". You know when you are sick. You don't need a professional person to tell you that! You don't need to know what bug is causing you to cough, or have a sore throat, or a runny stomach. All you need to know, is how to identify the symptoms, treat it accordingly, and get your body into a reaction mode! You must also be able to retrace your steps, to help with self diagnosis. What did you eat? Were you in contact with someone coughing and sneezing? Is that little person a little bit too fretful?

Your body knows exactly how to heal itself. It is in our blueprint or DNA. When you cut your finger, platelets accumulate around the wound to stop the bleeding and a microscopic healing process begins. Within 10 days, the cut is healed and only a tiny scar remains. Miracle. You had nothing to do with that. Healing comes naturally in a healthy body.

That's the second thing, more important than the first: You need a healthy body and a healthy immune system to respond appropriately to disease. An over stimulated body, full of junk food and allopathic medicine, can not respond appropriately to disease.

The same thing goes with disease and pathogens: A foreign object (pathogen) enters the body, and a microscopic sequence of events takes place. If your immune system is intact your body will respond appropriately, resulting in physical symptoms i.e. sneezing, coughing, pain and fever. All natural processes!
All you need to do is to give your body the necessary support while it does all the hard work.

For the last month or so, I have really taken notice of what I eat. Not for weight loss purposes, but rather to just eat healthily. I avoided the bad stuff, completely cut out sugar (but not chocolates) from my diet, and tried to drink lots of filtered water.
And now, I am reaping the benefits. I'm still standing strong against this bug in my home.

Grace it is indeed.

The Lord's grace, because He knows this mother can not afford to get sick!

Praise God!

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