Friday, August 31, 2012

Stop signs on the road to health.

Most of my friends and family knows by now that we've ditched the General Practioner...

But first, watch this little allegorical clip:

I wish I could tell you my whole journey from the "Town of Allopath" to where I am today. (You know how I hate long stories, I like to keep my posts short.) It has been more than four years since any one of my family members have seen a Medical Doctor, except for our trip to the hospital when my little ones got the rota virus.

So what stops signs did I put up in my Avocado life?
  1. I got a good (KDF tipe) water filter some seven years ago and have never looked back. Do not think for one moment that our tap water is safe. Would you give tap water to a baby to drink? 
  2. I unplugged the electrical cord of my microwave oven, and gave it away after a couple of months. Go here for more information. I have survived the last five years and three babies without one!
  3. I switched from table salt to Himalayan Crystal salt. It has made a dramatic improvement in my husband's blood pressure.
  4. I started doing some label reading, did the googling and educated myself. Here is a good place to start.
  5. There are wonderful natural remedies out there, including the miracle of tissue salts.
  6. Home cooked food is best, and is in fact cheaper than fast food. 
  7. I avoid the foods that God told us to avoid in the first place. Science is starting to prove that these foods are actually not healthy. Read more here.
  8. I can not preach what I don't practise, but we should all be avoiding sugar and wheat.
  9. I try to get some exercise and good sunlight every day. 
  10. I am accepting responsibility for my own health and that of my husband and children. I am the one feeding them on a daily basis and if they are unhealthy and suffering from food allergies, then I should be the one to blame. Not? Who else is going to take responsibility for their health?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fast chicken facts, not mentioned in any textbook...

Two days old 
  • Chickens make people forget about time. I can sit and watch them and completely forget what I was busy with.
  • Every chicken, ours anyway, has its own personality and character. 
  • They either love being touched and handled, or not!
  • Chickens are NEVER quiet! They chatter and communicate with each other the whole time. When one gets separated from the rest, the lonely chick will make an uproarious cackle and call for help.
  • The only time that they are quiet, is at night when they sleep. 
  • Chickens sleep with their eyes closed and their heads flat on the ground. Extremely funny! 
One week old chicks.

Six weeks.
  • Chickens eat constantly, and grow at an enormous rate!
  • They have warm, soft feet!
  • Their curiosity will probably get them in trouble...
My constant companion... 
The farmer warned me. He told me that chickens have no respect for your front porch... and he was right!

But I adore them!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Should our children do chores?

Shouldn't we just let them be children? Why should children help around the house to make a mother's burden lighter?

What if the little hands make a bigger mess in the end? That won't help an already busy mother one single bit!

Maybe they should at least feed and learn to take care of their own pets?

But what if they can't do what we expect them to do?

Oh dear and what if they actually loved helping out?

Should we let the small child learn basic cooking skills?

Or at least develop and interest in helping in the kitchen...

I think I have a good answer to all these questions: If your son brought home the love of his life one day, what would you as a future mother-in-law expect of this young lady? Would you prefer the girl who sits around and waits for someone to wait on her; or the girl who confidently walks into your kitchen and knows how to be a real help? Home schooled or not!

Oh and for the mother of boys... My daughter would love for you to train your boys well to not be lazy couch potatoes one day. Help them to help out. Teach them how important it is to help around the house. A mother sometimes gets sick and then what? Teach your children well mother, society will thank you!

Easy tasks that little people can learn from a very early age:

  • Make his/her own bed in the morning.
  • Put their dirty clothes in the laundry,
  • and tidy up the bathroom after bath time.
  • Pick up toys.
  • Sorting socks and underwear.
  • Help to set the dinner table.
  • Make their own sandwiches.
  • Grate the cheese.
  • Make a salad.
Remember to be patient, always supervise, be consistent in training, keep it fun, never "pay" them to do chores and never give a chore as punishment. Ever!

Always praise every little effort and don't expect perfection.

Happy training

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Hunt for Snow... and found another beautiful...

I said, "Lets be adventurous, and go snow hunting..."
He said,"You didn't check the weather did you?"

"But they said there will be snow..."

Just after this moment, out of the blue, 
he says: "You are so much better than when I found you..."

I ask "In what way?"
"You laugh more.
A lot more.
You didn't laugh a lot when I got you."

Can you take a picture of happiness?

Capture a moment of joy?

Here: Happy.

Joyfully happy!

With love

#2491 impulsive decision to go look for snow
#2493 he says I laugh more
#2494 laughing together
#2495 green, brown and grey
#2496 purple, green and yellow
#2497 the sun shining through the clouds, always spectacular!
#2498 rain
#2499 new wipers, I bought them just two days ago!
#2500 Wimpy lunch @ Ceres
#2501 found no snow

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One small act of humility, can change a generation!

There is a scene in this movie where a guy tries to hide the fact that he just had a pull (a draw) on a cigarette, trying hard not to breathe, and hide, but then having to speak and unexpectedly the smoke just erupted from his mouth. I went into a screaming fit of laughter as I remembered the same thing happening to me when I was younger and still smoking (often secretly)! Trying to swallow down smoke and forgetting cigarette smoke can't be swallowed but instead explodes from you mouth when you try to speak. Hilarious memories it brought back.

But it also brought back memories of stubbornness. Stubbornness to forgive. Rightfulness to hold on to an injustice done, when all I had to do all along was just humble myself, be the least, and do the least. Do that one little act of kindness. Even the least, can be just enough, to bring peace.

Can we wash our hands and our feet in the presence of our God and still hold on to a rotten stubbornness in our hearts?

What is the price of peace and forgiveness? Can we put a price tag on peace? What is the littlest thing you need to do today? The smallest act of humbleness? A smile? Eye contact? A hug? A phone call? One step forward? And what is the price of that small thing?

The littlest thing, the least, can be just enough

All that is needed.


When we count grace, receive grace everyday, should we not also give that grace?

(A must see movie!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coughing season!

When you walk into my kitchen, and the first thing you notice is tiny colourful bottles everywhere, you can be sure that I am fighting the bad bug fight! This time it's the flu, and this year we've got a mean virus reaping havoc in Cape Town.

Two weeks ago my husband had a bit of a dry cough, and because he wasn't feeling sick, I didn't take much notice and didn't make a fuss. Then last week when he came home from work early, he was suddenly very sick. I have left a slight cough, a warning signal, untreated for a bit too long...

Over the last couple of years, I have learnt that the sooner you start treating disease, the quicker you get results and the sooner you get well again. The only way to do this, is it to be able to treat yourself and not be dependant on a professional person to prescribe medication after you have waited it out for too long... No one wants to run to the doctor for a slight cough or a tingle at the back of your throat when you wake up in the morning. You might be labelled as a hypochondriac!

Firstly you need to get over the need to give a disease a "name". I think that once we've named something, we give it acknowledgement - permission "to be". You know when you are sick. You don't need a professional person to tell you that! You don't need to know what bug is causing you to cough, or have a sore throat, or a runny stomach. All you need to know, is how to identify the symptoms, treat it accordingly, and get your body into a reaction mode! You must also be able to retrace your steps, to help with self diagnosis. What did you eat? Were you in contact with someone coughing and sneezing? Is that little person a little bit too fretful?

Your body knows exactly how to heal itself. It is in our blueprint or DNA. When you cut your finger, platelets accumulate around the wound to stop the bleeding and a microscopic healing process begins. Within 10 days, the cut is healed and only a tiny scar remains. Miracle. You had nothing to do with that. Healing comes naturally in a healthy body.

That's the second thing, more important than the first: You need a healthy body and a healthy immune system to respond appropriately to disease. An over stimulated body, full of junk food and allopathic medicine, can not respond appropriately to disease.

The same thing goes with disease and pathogens: A foreign object (pathogen) enters the body, and a microscopic sequence of events takes place. If your immune system is intact your body will respond appropriately, resulting in physical symptoms i.e. sneezing, coughing, pain and fever. All natural processes!
All you need to do is to give your body the necessary support while it does all the hard work.

For the last month or so, I have really taken notice of what I eat. Not for weight loss purposes, but rather to just eat healthily. I avoided the bad stuff, completely cut out sugar (but not chocolates) from my diet, and tried to drink lots of filtered water.
And now, I am reaping the benefits. I'm still standing strong against this bug in my home.

Grace it is indeed.

The Lord's grace, because He knows this mother can not afford to get sick!

Praise God!

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