Thursday, July 19, 2012

The perfect home baked bread - every time!

I bought a bread machine about four years ago and used it quite a lot, but I wasn't always so proud of my baking. Sometimes the dough would rise perfectly, only to fall flat during the baking cycle or only half the loaf would rise or all the dough will bake in one corner of the tin. I got fed-up and just at the moment when I was ready to through the machine out the window, I discovered a sweet little lie:

All bread machine manufacturers will tell you to ONLY use their recipes and no other recipes. And that is not true!

In a desperate moment I tried my friend's recipe (this link is for a larger loaf; my recipe is for a smaller one) and voila! Never ever have I looked back. Every single bread (whether whole wheat, spelt, 50% rye, whatever) comes out perfect, every time!

Click here and scroll down for my recipe! (The secret is in the ORDER of ingredients.)

Why bake your own bread when you could buy it just around the corner??

  • Your own bread won't turn back into dough when you squeeze it in your hand.
  • Your own bread won't contain emulsifiers, flour improvers or preservatives.
  • Your children will be satisfied after just one slice!
  • No more heartburn!
  • Preparation time: a whooping 5 minutes flat!
Happy baking!

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