Monday, July 2, 2012

A few more thoughts on spanking...

After I wrote my previous post on spanking and discipline, a few things came to mind:

There have been times when one of my children really misbehaved, and the more I corrected and disciplined, the more the bad behaviour just went from bad to actually questionable. Ever been there? When a child just doesn't seem to listen? At that time I was determined to discipline that constant bad behaviour and luckily my husband stepped in and asked me this question:

Could it be that she was actually in need of positive attention and that the negative attention was just feeding that void?

I hate being corrected and questioned by my husband, but as a God fearing wife I listened to him and gave my child two whole days of just positive encouragement and love. I took extra time to just sit with her and gave her my full attention.

The result: a happy, sweet and obedient child.

Sometimes, chastisement isn't the only answer.

Sometimes love can go much further.

So when discipline and reproof seem to fail, try the opposite: lots of love and hugs and cuddles... 
Take some time out, make that pot of tea, read a good book...


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