Sunday, July 22, 2012

A poem...

For a mother

I saw your heart and confusion today,
wanting another,
yet no one tells you its okay.
Your heart yearns to hold your babe,
yet no one tells you its okay.
Its not okay they say to hold and keep,
yet you yearn to nurture and protect.
Dear mother,
this is who you are:
a mother,
just the way God created
you to be.
Just a mother.
You were born to give life,
born to nurture and protect
to raise this child in love.

To love and keep her close at heart,
this world will never permit.
This world will tell you children are a burden,
not a blessing. Meanwhile all you
want to do is hold and care.

I'll give you it to you: permission!

Love and keep your baby close,
soon she will grow up, and give tiny
steps away. Safer steps that will be,
knowing her mother's loving arms
will always be
there to hold and keep
her close... safe... warm... loved.

Where will she learn about the love of Christ?
the Love that keeps safe?
the Love that never fails?
the Love that always gives?

Right in her mother's arms.

The thief comes only to steel
and kill and destroy.

Hold on to your children dear mother.
Hold them, love them, nurture them,
train them, nourish them, 
pray for them, keep them close. 

with love
your friend

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