Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olimpiese spele by die huis!

Al ooit gewonder wat doen tuisleerders vir buitemuurs?
Of hoe om op te warm op 'n koue winters oggend?
Of hoe om die bure se honde mal te maak?

Op julle merke...



Net vir die pret!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you can't turn back, go forward!

After I dropped my older daughters off at Xhosa lesson, I decided to take the little ones to a nearby playground.
Getting out of the car I noticed a biggish slide, but not thinking for one moment that little Emma would actually try to climb all the way to the top. Aha! And that was the first thing she did. Me, not wanting to cause much unhappiness, let her climb and I followed her up the steps. But little Emma was in no way interested in coming down the steps again...
Now what?!
Emma is at the top, me just behind her, and behind me the twins are eagerly waiting for me and Emma to make up our minds...
Emma decided that she was not going down the slide, and I was not going down the way we came up.
I made a quick visual calculation/evaluation of the width of the slide and the width of my 20 kg overweight hips... I might just fit.
Where were the cameras and the flashing lights?!
I picked up Emma in one arm, carefully sat down with her on my lap, prudently tucking my skirt, and down we went... all brakes on! (Thank You Lord for rubber soles!)
And you ask?
It was great!
And yes, we went again, and again! Every time reached the bottom, Emma would run around and get right back up again, me following!

And this, the only evidence:

#1743 going down a playground slide at age 40
#1744 and actually enjoying it!

(reposting - with a smile)

Chickens and children...


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A poem...

For a mother

I saw your heart and confusion today,
wanting another,
yet no one tells you its okay.
Your heart yearns to hold your babe,
yet no one tells you its okay.
Its not okay they say to hold and keep,
yet you yearn to nurture and protect.
Dear mother,
this is who you are:
a mother,
just the way God created
you to be.
Just a mother.
You were born to give life,
born to nurture and protect
to raise this child in love.

To love and keep her close at heart,
this world will never permit.
This world will tell you children are a burden,
not a blessing. Meanwhile all you
want to do is hold and care.

I'll give you it to you: permission!

Love and keep your baby close,
soon she will grow up, and give tiny
steps away. Safer steps that will be,
knowing her mother's loving arms
will always be
there to hold and keep
her close... safe... warm... loved.

Where will she learn about the love of Christ?
the Love that keeps safe?
the Love that never fails?
the Love that always gives?

Right in her mother's arms.

The thief comes only to steel
and kill and destroy.

Hold on to your children dear mother.
Hold them, love them, nurture them,
train them, nourish them, 
pray for them, keep them close. 

with love
your friend

Saturday, July 21, 2012

'n Nalatingskap.

Vandag , vier jaar gelede, swanger met twee, het ek langs my Mamma se sterfbed gestaan. Kom ons ooit oor hierdie weggaan? So weg dat dit maak nie saak waar ek soek ek haar nie kan vind nie. Maar vandag het ek mooi gaan kyk waar sy tog orals nog is:

#2375 herinderinge!

Klein Emma slaap elke aand onder haar handewerk. 

Ek onthou wanneer ek haar masjiene sien geduldig staan en wag vir my om te kom kreatief wees. Te min ure in hierdie winters dae! 

Al haar goedjies en dingetjies... ek hou dit veilig.

Die mooi lappop waarmee ek nooit gespeel het nie, en my gunsteling Meraai (regs) sal my altyd aan haar laat dink.

O en as sy sou kon sien die gemors wat klein hanjies maak met kleurvolle garings!

En in my linnekas is daar orals iets wat 'n storie het om te vertel van haar.

En as ek 'n kans kry om te speel... haar gunsteling.

En elke winter, slaap ek onder haar handewerk! 

Doen daardie breiwerkie, hekel maar daardie kombersie, maak daardie herinderinge spesiaal. Eendag mag iemand dalk soek waar jý is. Waar gaan ons kinders ons soek? Wat gaan hulle onthou van ons? Wat is ons nalatingskap?


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The perfect home baked bread - every time!

I bought a bread machine about four years ago and used it quite a lot, but I wasn't always so proud of my baking. Sometimes the dough would rise perfectly, only to fall flat during the baking cycle or only half the loaf would rise or all the dough will bake in one corner of the tin. I got fed-up and just at the moment when I was ready to through the machine out the window, I discovered a sweet little lie:

All bread machine manufacturers will tell you to ONLY use their recipes and no other recipes. And that is not true!

In a desperate moment I tried my friend's recipe (this link is for a larger loaf; my recipe is for a smaller one) and voila! Never ever have I looked back. Every single bread (whether whole wheat, spelt, 50% rye, whatever) comes out perfect, every time!

Click here and scroll down for my recipe! (The secret is in the ORDER of ingredients.)

Why bake your own bread when you could buy it just around the corner??

  • Your own bread won't turn back into dough when you squeeze it in your hand.
  • Your own bread won't contain emulsifiers, flour improvers or preservatives.
  • Your children will be satisfied after just one slice!
  • No more heartburn!
  • Preparation time: a whooping 5 minutes flat!
Happy baking!

Monday, July 16, 2012

How can I make that schedule work for me?

A year or two ago, I drew up a half hourly schedule for my home and children. Last night I searched all over saved files to find the proud picture of "our daily schedule"! It probably took me about two weeks to fine tune, and less than a day to realize we will never be able to stick to such a rigid schedule.

(If I have to prepare breakfast between 07h30 and 08h00 and three little people all decide to have bowel movements in that time slot my whole day's planning goes up in the air!) We can sometimes hurt a relationship while trying to stick to a schedule - hurry hurts children!

I was very proud of our schedule sitting up there on the wall, the children too, but I don't think we ever managed to stick to it 100%, ever! So slowly we got rid of the schedule and just tried to do the basics round about the same time daily. Chores were sometimes done early in the morning, sometimes we only remembered to do them in the afternoon. But everyday everything got done eventually.

Trying to stick to a schedule can actually cause a lot of unnecessary stress and make you feel like a complete failure when you realize you just can't stick to it. Maybe that is the time to rethink the whole scheduling thing.

Have you noticed that the sun doesn't come up at the exact same time everyday? But it does come up. Spring doesn't always start on the first day of September (or March up north), but it does come around about that time the of year. Sometimes we get an early winter like this year. I am not saying that we can get up at nine o'clock in the morning, just as long as we get up. Oh no! But if a schedule is not working for you, then its not working, and then you have to find that sweet middle way. Something in between a rigid schedule and something else that you can live and breathe by!

I am rethinking that schedule, making it a bit more life/love/relationship friendly. I will keep you posted on the progress!

Anyone out there with tips or ideas on how to have a (better) routine rather than a schedule?


Monday, July 9, 2012

If I knew then what I know now...

If you knew then what you know now, and you could go back in time, without changing who you are, is there anything that you would have done differently?

Here is what I would have done differently:

I would have bought that farm... for R210 000 in 2004... 

I would have married him sooner! I knew from the start that he was Mr. Right anyway... Love at first sight!

I would have worried less and trusted more.

Ek sou minder bang gewees het...

I would really not have been so scared, and I would not have stressed so much about everything.

I would have had a lot more children!

Ek sou meer vergewe het. Ek het my lewe lank vasgehou aan eina's en seerkry en eintlik het ek net my eie lewe misrabelik gemaak. Mens kan nie jou lewe lank kwaad bly nie. Een of ander tyd moet ons vergewe en hoe gouer hoe beter. Vir ons kinders se onthalwe...

Ek sou meer gaan kamp het!

My house would have been a little less clean...

I would have prayer more.  For my husband, for my children, for my marriage, for myself, my friends and family. Everything. I would have prayed about everything!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A few more thoughts on spanking...

After I wrote my previous post on spanking and discipline, a few things came to mind:

There have been times when one of my children really misbehaved, and the more I corrected and disciplined, the more the bad behaviour just went from bad to actually questionable. Ever been there? When a child just doesn't seem to listen? At that time I was determined to discipline that constant bad behaviour and luckily my husband stepped in and asked me this question:

Could it be that she was actually in need of positive attention and that the negative attention was just feeding that void?

I hate being corrected and questioned by my husband, but as a God fearing wife I listened to him and gave my child two whole days of just positive encouragement and love. I took extra time to just sit with her and gave her my full attention.

The result: a happy, sweet and obedient child.

Sometimes, chastisement isn't the only answer.

Sometimes love can go much further.

So when discipline and reproof seem to fail, try the opposite: lots of love and hugs and cuddles... 
Take some time out, make that pot of tea, read a good book...

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