Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new habit worth every second.

A new habit.
We have tried many times in the past to have Bible reading together as a family. We have always managed to just give up. With every try the little ones ended up all over everything or simply just erupting in laughter and silliness, not understanding and us as parents maybe not determined enough?
And what a great idea it was: Giving each member of the family, no matter what the age or ability to read, their own Bible! Problem solved instantly! In a moment (a short moment, so don't waste a second) you'll have every body's attention, even if it is only for just one verse after supper. 
So we started with Proverbs,
a short prayer,
and a sing-a-long song or a hymn.
I thank God for these short moments every night, no matter how short, I praise and thank Him for this. 
And thank you Ann.


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