Thursday, May 17, 2012

What will happen if we invited Jesus into our homes?

This thought came to me the other day.
Teary eyed I prayed, calling upon the Lord for help.
See sometimes I'm not perfect.
I fall out of the tree:
I am impatient.
I raise my voice.
I get irritated.
I don't want to pluck another feather from my chest to build my nest.
I break everything, so carefully built.

And then a soft voice said:
"What will happen if you invite Me into your home?
Every day, every hour, every moment.
Set a place for Me at your table?
I am omnipresent.
Why not experience Me in the present?
Right now.
With you.
Would your behaviour be different?"

Selah. (pause, and calmly think of that!)

Can I truthfully answer that?

I would be sitting right at Your feet, every moment, every hour, every day.
I would not fuss so much about the stuff. The washing and cleaning stuff, the crumbs on the floor.
I would bring my children to You.
I would not fall out of my tree.
I would NEVER raise my voice...

Selah. (pause, and calmly think of that!)

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