Monday, April 23, 2012

Home school journey - part 2

After reading part 1 myself I got the idea that our decision to home educate was made purely upon negative experiences in mainstream school and that is not the case.

Being a relatively young follower of Christ, I was determined to walk the walk and train up my children in the way of the Lord. This was where things started to get complicated...

What the teacher was trying to build up in my child in school, I was tearing down and what I was trying to build up in my child, the teacher tore down. It became a constant battle in our lives and I realized that I was in the minority, fighting a battle against the majority.

Then I heard about a Christian school, very close to home, shorter driving distance, smaller classes and this seemed like the answer to a lot of prayer, and it was! I felt relieved that my child would now be receiving a Christian education.

But Christian (and private) schools often become the home to problem children that did not cope in mainstream bigger classes (two or three out of the 12 children in Liza's class were on Ritalin) and although the teachers were devout Christians, the pupils were not always Christ followers...
It was in a Christian school that a friend of mine's child was offered money in return for sexual favours by a fellow student. Fact. Not opinion.

Then I heard about home schooling.

Home schooling?

Was there such a thing? Could it be legal? Could it be possible? Am I qualified?

After a lot of prayer and probably not enough research, the Lord answered with Proverbs 4....

to be continued...

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