Saturday, April 7, 2012


Late Thursday night Liza an I light a candle, #1998

Later still, I thank the Lord that she wants me to pray for her every night, that she will not go to sleep unless I prayed with her. I thank the Lord that I still have this opportunity with her, to talk and share and pray #1999

I can't think straight and I can't find that next gift. I turn off the light and go to sleep.

Good Friday. I drag by body out of bed, put on the coffee, make porridge, all the helping hands are sleeping in. Micah falls off the chair. Emma almost pulls another chair over onto herself. Anika rearranges the living room. I burn the porridge. Coffee spills on the floor. Lord, where is the gift in all this mess? How can a pot of burn be a gift? In all this mess?

We rush. Almost didn't go to church. Joe drives over a little black bike and everything explodes.

Very quietly we drive to church. I am on full alert for that all elusive gift.

Then I get it:

#2000, today in the mess and chaos and imperfections and tempers flaring we celebrate the Perfect One. The All Sufficient One, The Perfect Sacrifice who saves me from my mess, Who sanctifies me in this mess. The Holy One. I can say Eucahisteo Thank You in this mess because He is the Miracle!

Do you know Him?


  1. Hi Mignon, fantasties! Ek hou van jou blog!

  2. Dankie Jaco! Blog is nog maar in babaskoentjies en ons vorder met baba treetjies...

  3. Wow, all those hard and difficult eucharists and then this - Beautiful Beauty in the fullest sense. Thanks for sharing this. I'm between 1000 and 2000 but I do not count anymore because it became an issue in me. So now I just # and do not rush. Try to see the gifts and find them, and many times not.


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