Friday, March 23, 2012

The purity of our daughters...

I often tell my daughter the story of the apple. How I was this half rotten apple the day I met her daddy, and how long it took me to heal inside our marriage. Instead of growing together with my husband, I had a lot of healing to do first before we could grow together. How I wish I have had these conversations with my mother, that Liza and I are now having. But I can not go back in time. The only time I have is now. The only conversations I can have are the ones we have now! The time to educate and love and preserve is now. I can not talk to my daughter about these things on her wedding night, then it will be too late.

So, Liza and I talk a lot about boyfriends and girls stuff. I really try to teach her, from my broken background, that purity is important. That preserving yourself for Mr Right is the right thing to do.
Recently I read a friend's blog post about preserving our children's purity. And then I read another girl's story, although fictional, it could have been true.
Why didn't anyone bother to teach me just how important purity was?
But I am sure as apples going to teach my daughters just that!

Purity bracelet

And this will be a perfect gift for a thirteenth birthday. Couldn't quite afford the precious stones, but it is made with lots of love and care for a very special daughter!

Here is where I got my inspiration from....

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