Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miracles and honey bees.

It is the first rainy day of autumn. I drive to the bee keeper's home. I lost his phone number, didn't call before arriving. I need that stuff that miracles are made of, not expecting to find a miracle myself.
He is not at home, but his elderly mother invites me in and puts on the kettle. Who on earth makes tea for a total stranger who comes to buy sweetness and healing for a sick child. I promised her mother this healing stuff ages ago, and only now got around to get in the car and drive to the bee man.
A shuffle at the door announces his return, I feel comfortably uncomfortable in his house chatting away with his mother so kind. I ask for the honey and the miracle stuff.
Then the unthinkable. The bee keeper tells me he has no propolis. No propolis. My heart falls to the ground. This can not be. This is the day of the miracle my soul shouts. This is the day I help this little girl. This is the day I keep my promise. He assures me he has none. He gave it all to his friend who struggled to get his bee farming going. But anyways he walks out to the shop. Comes back later, there is definitely nothing, he gave away all he had.
I sit there, trying to drink tea that is way too hot to swallow, making conversation, I see him walking out again, coming back empty handed. And I sit as if I have nowhere to go, as if I have no children to tend to. He calls his worker to go look for some of the black sticky stuff... no news. We talk some more and I start to tell them the story of little Zoë and how we met and why I need the propolis. The bee keeper walks out for the fourth time, I turn to my friendly hostess and tell her that I think he will find it now, and we talk some more. Here, alles werk ten goede mee vir die wat op U vertrou, ek is nie verniet hier nie. And I sit and swallow hot tea and perspiration forms on my face, and he comes back with a bag full of miracle and my heart and soul jumps ek het gewéét U kan dit doen! I take the black stuff in both my hands, feel how it softens with my touch and I say eucharisteo thank You like I've never said it before. Dankie dankie dankie. Eyes tearing up I thank the bee keeper and his mother and my Father. Our God is so awesome. On days like this I have to catch my breath and tell my head to never forget His faithfulness!

Propolis in its raw natural form.

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