Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you can't turn back, go forward!

After I dropped my older daughters off at Xhosa lesson, I decided to take the little ones to a nearby playground.
Getting out of the car I noticed a biggish slide, but not thinking for one moment that little Emma would actually try to climb all the way to the top. Aha! And that was the first thing she did. Me, not wanting to cause much unhappiness, let her climb and I followed her up the steps. But little Emma was in no way interested in coming down the steps again...
Now what?!
Emma is at the top, me just behind her, and behind me the twins are eagerly waiting for me and Emma to make up our minds...
Emma decided that she was not going down the slide, and I was not going down the way we came up.
I made a quick visual calculation/evaluation of the width of the slide and the width of my 20 kg overweight hips... I might just fit.
Where were the cameras and the flashing lights?!
I picked up Emma in one arm, carefully sat down with her on my lap, prudently tucking my skirt, and down we went... all brakes on! (Thank You Lord for rubber soles!)
And you ask?
It was great!
And yes, we went again, and again! Every time reached the bottom, Emma would run around and get right back up again, me following!

And this, the only evidence:

#1743 going down a playground slide at age 40
#1744 and actually enjoying it!

(reposting - with a smile)


  1. Well, yes, what we do for our children... and then we can count the gifts, too. Sometimes I wish for a photographer and most times not.


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