Saturday, February 25, 2012

My weight struggles.

Today is day 7 of juicing all that is fresh! Heatburn and that bloated feeling is something of the past. I have decided to keep going until I reach my goal weight. I have had enough of being overweight and fat and having no energy.
The first two days were difficult, on the morning of day 3 (Tuesday) I woke up feeling great. I washed all my windows and finished all my laundry by 10h00! That is a big achievement around here! AND I had energy left to do school.
So here, it is official: I am sticking to juicing my fruit and veggies until I'm thin again!

I think my weight issues started when I was forced to quit ballet at the age of 16 due to severe exercise induced asthma. Suddenly I wasn't getting a good workout 3 times a week and one day my father said to me to go check the scale! Then my mother introduced me to appetite suppressants. It started with Redupon, later moved on to Dietene, and then on to slimming mixtures concocted by the local pharmacist! It wasn't long before taking these had very little to do with losing weight. I was no longer managing my weight, but managing an addiction.
I managed to quit using these during my pregnancies. But as soon as I stopped breast feeding, I was back to managing my weight! 
In 2004 I made a 180, and decided to follow Jesus. Not long after that I stopped smoking AND stopped using all appetite suppressants. Well, needless to say, the weight started piling on and I gained 20 kg's all-in-all!
So here it is, I am now going to loose this extra weight, with the help of my Saviour!

A long time ago, every time I prayed to the Lord for help regarding my weight, I got the same answer. Daniel 1. And every time I would answer back to the Lord that this is not a very healthy way to eat because I NEED my carbs and protein! The Lord was right and I was wrong. Earlier this year I gave in and did a 10 day Daniel fast. Every time I got hungry I would pray and focus on Him giving me strength. I lost a total of 5 kilograms and felt great, but slowly managed to go back to all the old habits and gained 2-3 kg's.
I know I can do all things through Him Who gives me strength!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is up for Steve's 10-for-10 challenge?

Here's the link  to Steve's challenge. I did a 10 day Daniel fast earlier this year and lost 5 kilograms. But as you can see on my side bar, I managed to gain some again. Last night my husband and I went out for dinner and I felt so uncomfortable in my own body that I decided to immediately go back to fasting today. Then I saw the challenge this morning, and I'm definitely in!
That 10 days were very hard, but at the end I felt great: energized, no bloatedness, no heartburn and no allergies!
Anybody joining in? Come and join here at Steve's blog.

Friday, February 17, 2012

'n Berg van 'n taak...

In my kombuis, tussen al die moenie-vergeet-nie notas teen die muur, begin ons die Bergpreek leer. Teen die muur net bo-kant die broodblik, ons daaglikse brood...

Matthéüs 5:1-5 "En toe Hy die skare sien, het Hy op die berg geklim; en nadat Hy gaan sit het, het sy dissipels na Hom gekom; 2 en Hy het sy mond geopen en hulle geleer en gesê: 3 Salig is die wat arm van gees is, want aan hulle behoort die koninkryk van die hemele. 4 Salig is die wat treur, want hulle sal vertroos word. 5 Salig is die sagmoediges, want hulle sal die aarde beërwe."

en hulle verstom my...

Ek het regtig 'n groot klomp teenstand verwag met hierdie berg van 'n taak... maar hulle ywer maak my dit vir ons almal 'n groot plesier! (en pret!)

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