Friday, December 30, 2011

The gifts counted during five months of salary cuts...

Entries range from May 2011 - Aug 2011 

#112 a makeshift coffee percolator (the glass pot got a crack and started to leak)

Old teapot makes a perfect fit!
#129 eating fish fingers and eggs on pay day
#130 last bit of oil in the bottle
#167 McD's breakfast
#188 a new coffee machine!
#189 Panarotti's Sunday special - kids eat for free!!!

#206 dvd player breaks
#207 dvd player works again!

#235 Mug & Bean breakfast for free

#253 80% salary
#254 learning that less is more
#256 a bunch of flowers
#257 Liza goes to sleep with lots of giggles
#258 God is good. God is always good. Between the numbers also. Everything is good.

#291 Enough money to pay for Kombi repairs
#292 didn't have to use the credit card
#293 real filter coffee

#317 enough toilet paper
#318 enough soap
#319 McFlurry's ice cream
#370 peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the sun
#414 At the point when I felt I just couldn't any more, my sister in law gives an unforgettable gift: one night's stay at the Caledon Spa for me and my fisherman husband including dinner and breakfast!
#451 found just enough money in a savings tin for two new front tires - I remember cutting open the tin and sending this picture for my husband at work that day...

Savings tin - all from stuff I sold
during a big house clean out!

#536 Children could feed ducks at a pond with someone else's bread!
#537 Avo and biltong sandwiches
#648 last month of salary cuts

By counting blessings I truly realized Who could be counted on, because months later I wrote this one:

#940 Thank You Lord that I can just not worry about money any more!

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